Sleigh Rides at ZooLights

Elk River Outfitters Sleigh Rides Billings MT Zoo Lights


If you haven’t met Salt and Pepper yet you are in for a real treat when you do.  They are a gorgeous team of Percherons that love what they do and they will be at ZooLights at Zoo Montana this December pulling a sleigh (or wagon, depending on how much snow we get).  What a fun way to see the lights at the zoo and enjoy friends, family and the festivities of the season.  Be sure to make reservations if you don’t want to wait in line.   And watch out Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, there are some new boys in town.



We’ve Added a New Location – Billings, MT

We have added a second location for horseback riding with Elk River Outfitters.  Just 15 minutes from downtown Billings, Montana.  It is a beautiful ride through scenic Pryor Creek’s timbered, rolling hills, unique rock formations and majestic Yellowstone Valley. We did our first ride at this location this week and the people loved it.  I thought it would be really hard to find something even close to as nice a ride as our Red Lodge ride is, but we found it.  It has beautiful scenery and views and very close to town.  It will become a favorite activity to do around Billings.


Billings Horseback rides new


History Ride of the Battle of the Little Bighorn

Come and celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Battle of the Little Bighorn with Elk River Outfitters.  We are doing a special horseback ride to commemorate the anniversary of the battle on June 23, 2016.   During the ride we will see Medicine Tail Coulee, Sharp Shooter Ridge, Weir Point, Nye-Cartright Ridge , Butlers Marker and more.

Anyone who has a passion for Montana and Western history will truly appreciate this ride.

Call 406-860-3699 for details.


Red Lodge, MT

Red Lodge, MT – What a beautiful place to go horseback riding.  Close to Yellowstone National

Park and the scenic Beartooth Pass.  Redlodge

Horseback Riding In Montana with a Real Cowboy

I meet lots of interesting people on our horseback rides in Red Lodge, Montana. Last summer I took a family of five from Canada who came to Montana on vacation. We had an enjoyable ride. The entire family seemed to really enjoy themselves. They loved the scenery of Montana and being in the great outdoors. After the ride, the mother came up to me and thanked me for such a wonderful experience. She told me that when they were planning their vacation to Montana she wanted to do one thing and that was to ride a horse with a real cowboy and I had made that happen for her. She then told me she has always been a little frightened of horses but she had to keep telling herself what John Wayne once said, “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” She was so happy about her accomplishment. I was glad to help her achieve her goals.

Cowboy Camps and Montana History Rides

Elk River Outfitters is offering Cowboy Camps and Montana History rides this summer. Step back in time and experience the old west with us. Work cattle, ride horses, and experience  what it is like to live like a cowboy.  For the Montana history rides we will hear from experts as we ride horseback on the Little Bighorn Battlefield,  the Rosebud Battlefield, and the Bozeman Trail. Contact us for more details.

Spring Horseback Riding

The weather has been nice here in Montana and we are getting ready for spring horseback riding!  We will be doing horseback riding at our ranch near Pryor, Montana.  We’ve had quite a few phone calls regarding riding and we are anxious to get out and ride ourselves.  We will be doing 2 hour rides or longer rides, weather permitting.  We do need a minimum of four people.  If you don’t have four people in your group give us a call we’ll try to add you to another group that is going out. Very soon, we’ll be doing horseback rides at our main summer location in Red Lodge, Montana!


Bear Visiting Today

We’ve been hearing about a few bears in the area lately.  But today I saw it first hand.  I was walking over to the horses and all of them turned to look at me which was unusual.  Then I realized they were looking at a bear 5 feet behind me.  I was glad it was a black bear,  it was a big black bear.  It didn’t take him long until he was off on his way and I started saddling horses to get them ready for the day.

Red Lodge Horseback Blogging Begins!

We have been doing rides in the Red Lodge area for many years and we’ve enjoyed having our Facebook page highlight some of the fun as we go along, but now it’s time to blog a bit about the rides!